Staff and Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Cindy Goldrick
Expertise: Business, Arts Management
Role: Board Chair
Committee: Fund Development/Programming Committee

Tina Yeung
Expertise: Education, Marketing, Finance
Role: Secretary
Committee: Fund Development/ Marketing

Miao Zhang
Expertise: Small Business, Design, Accounting
Role: Treasurer
Committee: Finance, Diversity Committee

Kevin Hobbs
Expertise: Theatre/Administration/Community Development
Role: Director
Committee: Fund Development/ Marketing/Programming Committee

Grace Snippe
Expertise: Music/Social Media/Youth
Role: Director
Committee: Fund Development/ Marketing

Marcel Stewart
Expertise: Artistic Direction, Theatre Production, Inclusion & Diversity, New Play Development
Role: Director
Committee: Programming Committee, Diversity Committee


Rebecca Walsh

Managing Director  (Full-time) 2018 – 2023

Administration, Operations, Communications, Fund Development, Production Management, Associate Artistic Management, New Play Development, Residencies

Sodienye Waboso Amajor

Associate Creative Director Part-time 2022

Associate for: Artistic Programming, Communications, Design

Aggie Zaremba

Graphic Design Website & Social Media Full-time seasonal 2022

Creative Planning Associates 2021- 2023 

Juan Carlos Velis, Monica Dufault, Stephanie Jones, Jason Cadieux, Marcel Stewart, Roselyn Kelada-Sedra, Sodienye Waboso Amajo 

Howling Winds Workshops 2023

Playwrite: Juan Carlos Velis

Dramaturgy: Cole Lewis

Performers: Sodienye Waboso Amajor, Gary Brennan, Sharon McFarlane

Director Live Reading: Colin Bruce Anthes

The Drag Project (Full-time Seasonal Staff) 2023

Performers/Creators: Tyler Simpson, Ren Reid, Paolo Bozzo

Mentors: Sara Yabrik, Enzo Dedividis, James McCoy

Production Manager: Rebecca Walsh

Stage Manager: Samantha Uhl

Women of Resilience DocumentaryEvents and Screenings

Co-Producers: Rebecca Walsh, Roselyn Kelada-Sedra